Michelle LaVoy is committed to hard work, community service, and honesty. As your voice in Lansing, she will build a Michigan where all of us have the opportunity to succeed.

Help Michelle Win

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Building Opportunity in Michigan

I learned about the importance of hard work, community, and honesty from my family. Like so many working families across Monroe and Wayne counties, my husband and I try to pass these values on to our children.

I use that strong work ethic every day as Clerk-Treasurer of Monroe and as a longtime community volunteer. While Lansing politicians were rigging the rules in favor of corporate special interests, I was ensuring that your tax dollars were spent wisely and government was open and transparent.

After growing up and raising my family here, I’ve seen changes to our community that have closed doors of opportunity for hard working people. The opioid epidemic has attacked our communities. Factories have closed and jobs have left town. For those with jobs, wages have stagnated and our classrooms have become crowded. We can do better!

You can count on me to be your voice in Lansing as we build a Michigan with opportunities for future generations to stay and succeed.


Michelle LaVoy with family